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Aid to Artisans Video - 'What We Do'
World conditions change, new technologies emerge, the market continues to shift, but the essential ingredients of culture, tradition, passion and creativity inherent in sustainable artisan communities maintains a steady presence.
— Mimi Robinson, International Design Consultant

What We Do / Business Training

A panel of importers discusses their businesses and answers questions from participants

Market Readiness Program

August 18 - 22, 2012 | At the New York International Gift Fair

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Helping craft enterprises compete in the global marketplace
The Market Readiness Program is a unique hands-on training experience held in January and August each year at the New York International Gift Fair. The 5-day program is for international artisan producers, designers, exporters and craft-based organization leaders. It provides intensive preparation for entry into the US market and vital information for building successful export businesses. Learn about the market through in-depth training.

Topics include:
  • Analysis of the U.S. Market
  • Fundamentals of Successful Buyer Relationships
  • "Green" Market Strategies
  • Understanding the Channels of Distribution for Export
  • Internet Marketing
  • Packing and Shipping for Export
  • Developing a Strategy for Product Development
  • Exporting Rules and Regulations
  • Costing and Pricing for Profit
  • Planning a Market Entry Strategy

Current Trend boards line the walls of the training room.
Experience the Market
In conjunction with the MRP, you will experience the single largest wholesale trade fair for gifts and decorative accessories in the US. You will receive product review ideas from ATA's international designers and marketing experts. Guided retail store tours and site visits in New York City allow you to conduct your own market research and reinforce classroom presentations. Panels and facilitated group discussions encourage participants to share business concerns with colleagues from around the world.

Since 1993, the Market Readiness Program has trained hundreds of men and women from more than 45 countries representing Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the US.

A consultant gives a product review.

Review Program Plan - Download Program Objectives & Agenda
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